Wheat Flour

Wheat Flour

Triticum aestivum L. is most widely cultivated sort of wheat for production of bread and related products.

33% of the production is sold on local market. 67% is exported to Eastern and Western Europe. Trough the years we have build close and lasting relationships with our partners in Bulgaria and Europe.

The know-how and expertise we have gained over the years makes it possible to provide guaranteed quality and competitive rates.

We can offer You

White Flour (Type 500) - in 1kg, 5kg, 25kg or 50 kg bags
This is a high quality white flour, made from the grain kernel. It provides excellent dough baking properties. The dough from this flour has good elasticity, easy processing and a standard fermentation process.

Flour (Type 1150) - in 1kg, 5kg, 25kg or 50 kg bags
This is a high quality dark flour, made from the peripheral parts of the white grain. It is rich in minerals, proteins and fibres. This flour contains less calories. Ready product has rich aroma and slight sour taste, due to a high acidity of the dough.

Product Information
White Flour (Type 500) Flour (Type 1150)
Moisture, %: not more than:

01.04. – 01.10.

01.10. – 31.03.

14.5%15.0% 14.5%15.0%
Gluten content (GC), % min. 24.0% min. 24.0%
Ash, % max 0.65% max. 1.15%
Logistics information
Type of product Pallet weight Bags on row Pallet dimensions (cm)
1 kg bags 960 kg 8 rows x (12 x 10 bags) 120/80/137
5 kg bags 720 kg 12 rows x 12 bags 120/80/120
25 kg bags 1,000 kg 8 rows x 5 bags 120/100/120
50 kg bags 1,050 kg 7 rows x 3 bags 132/90/116
(incl. 14 cm pallet)
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